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This merch line is apparel and goods supported by Tyler Zed, host of the famed YouTube channel "Zeducation". 

Here, we provide everyone with apparel that Tyler Zed wears on a regular basis in the "You Laugh You Lose", "Zedcast", "That Didn't Age Well" and "Zeducation" videos and podcast content that you love. We want to bring you quality apparel that we would wear, with a focus on everyday life for the American Patriot. 

We are Pro: term limits for Congress, Individual liberty and Meme freedom. We are Anti: Liars and hypocrites in the media, Hollywood and entertainment. 

Zedcast is the newest channel to Zed Media. Tyler Zed hosts the conversation that you want to be a part of, with sidekicks Dan from "That Dan Show" and Deev, they bring you the hilarity and news that you love to hear; talking about day to day news and fun topics will keep you wondering what will they talk about next. 

We appreciate your support!

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